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    Karter Designs stared in 2016 when my second son, Karter was born. I started selling my handmade signs and wine glasses at the farmers market In Orting, WA (which you probably haven't heard of unless you're from there) and I really didn't know what the fuck I was doing. I went with a set up, two kids in tow, and have hustled my ass off. 

   When looking to decorate, I was always a fan of rustic & farmhouse styles. But their lovey dovey "we have the perfect family" vibe just was not for me. I have always been "real life" and "no filter" and I could never find anything that reflected that. 

     I make real, unapologetic, unfiltered, and raw items that people can relate to. No bullshit about how we all have our lives together... Because none of us do. 

    So through all of that, years later, I now run this online shop from Seattle, WA, while traveling for events, and collaberating with other brands to bring the best and the most badass to you. When you shop with us, we are so extremely grateful that you've decided to support us. 

     You are truly badass and appreciated more than you know. 

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my little studs, Kade & Karter